English lesson: How can we get active to protect the enviroment?

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    Sara (Montag, 14 Mai 2018 07:32)

    What could we do to get more people interested in protecting the environment? I think we should really save the planet.

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    by Simon 13:18 (Dienstag, 15 Mai 2018 13:29)

    I absolutly agree with you we should safe
    the planet, but it is impossible to make
    people intrested into protecting the environment.

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    SEVDA (Dienstag, 15 Mai 2018 13:34)

    In my opinion the people schooled more think about their successor.
    We are living on this planet which we pollute!
    Animals are die because we are not protect our planet.
    It is so important that we put our waste in the trash and seperate the waste.
    When we are go shopping, we should not use the plastic bags anymore, we should use plastic bags that can be re-used.
    The people should safe the water and do not waste the water.

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    Remo (Dienstag, 15 Mai 2018 13:37)

    I think thats a good point. We are the people and we are living on this planet.
    I think we should really save the planet. The people must help and clean the planet.

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    Seline (Dienstag, 15 Mai 2018 13:39)

    I think we should lower the plastic production. We should the people more inform about the pollution. We could for example make posters or advertisments where people can see the shock state of the environment. If we not do anything tenth earth will go broken. It is our future we should do anything. I find it's sad that not all people think so.