English lesson: How can we get active to protect the enviroment?

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    svenu (Freitag, 03 Mai 2019 14:38)

    I think one of the biggest problems is the plastic in the sea. The most plastic comes from the land. We should better recycle the plastic or forbid plastic. It makes me angry when people go from Bern to Zürich with the car and demonstrate for the climate. I think the people should go by foot to demonstration. If we wan't stop the global warming then we should ban the passenger airplanes. If we do that we will save our planet . What think you is it a good idea, isn't it?

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    Melä (Donnerstag, 09 Mai 2019 15:21)

    Yes Svenu you're right and I absolutely agree with you but Think nobody is going to walk by foot to Zürich. In my opinion if the trains have to drive we can take the train to Zürich very well. I also think the global warming to stop is so much difficult and to ban the passenger airplanes is just a little start, which isn't enough. If we want to stop the global warming we need more laws that are good for the environment. If you have ideas or your own opinion write me your answer. Thank you!