English lesson: What can we do to reduce the amount of plastic?

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    Scott (Dienstag, 01 Mai 2018 11:50)

    How could you imagine reducing the amount of plastic you use and eventually throw away in the future?

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    Seline (Dienstag, 08 Mai 2018 13:40)

    We should abolish the plastic bags. We could cloth bags in place of plastic bags. That would be better for the environment. And don't forget that the waste comes in the trash not on the floor because it isn't good for the environment and the plastic goes to the sea where the fish can die.
    If the fish die out we won't eat fish anymore. It's a big problem, I hope we will find a solution for it. But I don't know how.

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    Carole (Dienstag, 15 Mai 2018 13:14)

    I think, that many people of us go in a shopping center and then they use a plastic bag.
    They can also take a normal bag from home. It's in our hands to look to our environment.
    That's very important!