English lesson: What can we do to protect the environment?

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    Winston (Dienstag, 01 Mai 2018 11:57)

    What do you do to protect the environment? What can you do in your daily life? Are you willing to give things up or do you think the reports on TV and in newspapers are exaggerated and irrelevant to our everyday life?

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    Remo (Dienstag, 08 Mai 2018 13:29)

    Yes that's a good point, I think the TV or newspapers are exaggerated and irrelevant.
    I don't give up one thing in my daily routine.

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    Carole (Dienstag, 08 Mai 2018 13:30)

    I think it's very important to do the plastic in the trash. It makes me sad to read that plastic waste can be danger for wildlife . When a fish eats plastic then he can die. I think the people should look more often to our environment.

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    Doris (Dienstag, 15 Mai 2018 13:44)

    yes the people should to the environment. I want look that the waste goes in the trash bin. Because when the fish the plastic eat then the fish can die.
    I want protect to the fish, when the people not stop to throw the plastic into the sea, then the people can't eat fish anymore, because the fish die out.
    That is not good for a wildlife. Should stop whit throwing plastic into to the sea! That is not good good for the wildlife.

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    SEVDA (Dienstag, 15 Mai 2018 13:45)

    I think also like you!
    People do not think about consequents when they put waste on the ground or do not separate the waste.
    To put waste on the ground is easier than to look for a Trash, i know that ! but when you throw 1 plastic bag on this Planet 1 Fish can die! think about the consequents, they are very bad.
    Please throw the Waste in the trash it is our planet and we life on it, so when you put Waste on the ground you put the waste on yourself and risk your and the life from other!